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H1B Visa Mock Interview

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Welcome to your H1B Visa Mock Interview



Will you return back to India?

Why are you going to United States?
When did you complete your MS? Can I See the certificate?

Are you aware of the living cost in the U.S?

Where are you working currently?

give me details on your previous jobs experience :

Do you have visa for any other country?
Do you have any arrested history?

Have you done masters in the United States? Which University?
Can I see your client end letter and itinerary of services.

Disclaimer:Taking this quiz will not earn you a successful visa approval. These questions are for mock practice only. does not warrant any information provided here and is not responsible or liable  for your visa approvals/denials. Please ensure you read and accept the terms and conditions and use this quiz only for practice and at your own risk.


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