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Top 4 Office Chair Reviews

An office is actually incomplete without its furniture and things which make life easier for a person doing work there. Be it the chair, table, or the laptops, scanner, printer and the shredder. It is difficult to imagine our life without these
products today. Here we will review an office product which makes our life easier and the pros and cons of its variety.

1- Rayon Ergohuman-

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Built specially for people who have to spend most of their day sitting and doing office work. It provides support to the neck, back and spinal cord and is very comfortable.


  • It is good for people who have to spend long hours at the desk
  • It provides support to people with back pain and spinal injuries.
  • It has a good fitting
  • It is durable and sturdy
  • It can be adjusted as per your requirement and can swivel
  • Not too costly


  • Not very good looking or eye catching

Verdict –

It is one of the best office chairs which has been crafted to perfection and is perfect for good sitting posture. It supports the lower back well and is worth a buy surely.
2- Aeron chair by Herman Miller –

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It has really good features and the padding it has makes it one of the most comfortable and delightful office chairs for people who have to sit at their desks for long hours. It has fully adjustable vinyl arms and has a strong body.


  •  It provides comfort and support
  • Looks really attractive and fashionable
  • It is durable and strong.


  • The basic model of this can hardly be adjusted. Only the higher models can be
  • It is a bit costly
  • If you want all the features you will have to buy the flagship model


It looks great and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye while also offering comfort but it is costlier than other such chairs available in the market and to get all its features you will have to spend more.

3- Leap chair by steel case –

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This chair has a back flex which changes according to your backs position to provide comfort. It has a lot of adjusting features which provide comfort to your body and are great for sitting for long periods.


  • It is easy to set up
  • Easy to adjust its numerous knobs and use
  • Back flex and change in shape helps to support the spine.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing and has a simple and sleek design
  • It is durable.


  • It is on the costlier side although it provides an 8 year guarantee
  • Not as durable as the Ergohuman


Though it falls on the costlier side yet with its adjustments available and the comfort it provides, people who are less price conscious shouldn’t mind it too much. It is strong and durable too.

4- SPACE seating professional –

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With air grid dark back and padded black seats and tilt control with a number of adjustments, this office chair too is worth buying. It has adjustable lumbar support, tilt control, and adjustable armrests.


  • It is really a good bargain and comes really cheap
  • Has good quality and provides great comfort
  • Has most features like that of the other office chairs.
  • Provides maximum support and comfort to people sitting at the desk for long hours.


  • The armrest of this chair is not quite sturdy.
  • Not quite as adjustable as the other chairs.


It comes at really good price and has most features of all the top selling office chairs of today. It is strong and sturdy and provides great comfort. So, considering the price this chair is one of the best available in the market for office purposes.

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