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Top 10 Weight Scales

If you want to keep your weight under regular check and control, then it is must that you have a weight scale at home. But before buying you must compare it with all the options available in the market. The top 10 weight scales of 2015 are:

1. VonHaus body fat scale –

This device helps you to measure your body fat and water content in the body through the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis method. Through this you can get all the details about body fat, calories and other things which govern the body weight.Buy it from
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2. My Weigh excel-550 talking bathroom scale –

This scale is famous for its talking function and can help you to determine your weight easily. Made of durable and strong parts it has a guarantee for 30 years.
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3. Smart Weigh Body Fat and Weight Precision Scale –

This scale is user friendly and can recognize up to 8 users. It can easily help to monitor the overall body weight and fat of a person. When you buy this from you will also get batteries, caliberated system and many others details along with it which help to enhance its performance.
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4. Gowise USA Slim Digital scale –

This scale comes with its powerful bio impedance analysis system. This feature is very useful to help you detect the overall body fat, muscle, water, and also bone inside your body. It has many useful features which makes it very popular among users today. Made of tempered glass it is durable.
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5. Ozeri Precision Digital bathroom Scale –

Thus device is made up of impact resistant tempered glass and has many user friendly features. It also has many settings which you can choose from, among many and easily available on
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6. Etekcity High Precision Digital Bathroom Scale –

Its 6mm thick tempered glass surface makes it strong and sturdy. This device is popular for it’s accuracy and helps to measure the overall weight and the body fat of people.
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7. Balance from High Accuracy Bathroom Scales –

This bathroom scale is very well-known for its Memory Track technology, and you are able to monitor your weight loss progress in your daily life easily. There are some high precision sensors that are added to this device, in order to improve the accuracy and they are impressive. You can easily get them from
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8. Weight Gurus Digital Body Scale –

This digital scale has many useful features like health metrics analysis, accurate measurements, easy-to-read display, and many other features. This is one of the best weight scales available today and is user friendly.
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9. Taylor Glass Digital scale –

This scale has a lot of useful features and is one among the best weight scales. It is famous for its instant on technology and can measure weight up to 180 kgs.
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10. EatSmart Precision dIgital Bathroom Scale –

Having a 3.5 inches LCD screen, this device is the best and most popular among the users and has got great reviews, you can easily order it from
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