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Top 10 Foot Massagers

Getting a foot
massage at home accelerates the blood circulation in the feet and brings great
relief. So if you are thinking of buying a foot massager for yourself this
season then it is best you look at all the top 10 foot massagers of 2015:

1. Massage King MK9199 Foot Massager –
The various feature of this machine makes it popular among customers. It can not only be positioned anywhere but also it is very easy to start for beginners. The airbags and rollers here bring great comfort to your feet and help you to relax. You can buy it from
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2. Cozzia CS-7010 Deep Foot Massager –

This product comes with adjustable air pressure for users comfort. Using this device regularly, can improve blood circulation in your feet and can be used to relieve tension, reduce stress, and also encourage relaxation process in your body. There are four main buttons that are located on the surface of this sleek looking foot massager.
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3. Brookstone Shiastu Foot Massager with Heat –

This has three main auto massage programs, including pulse, energize, and also soothe functions. It works by offering warm feeling on your feet and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. It is a powerful foot massager and its easy grab handle makes it easier to take care of it.
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4. SPT AB-762R Foot Massager –

This massager is quite good and stylish to look at. Its vibrating plate can stimulate all accu-points around your feet and can be used to improve your feet health, reduce stress, relieve tension, and also improve blood circulation effectively. Buy it from
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5. 3Q MG- F18 Foot Massager –

This device is one of the most popular foot massagers of today and has received some great reviews from customers using them. It is able to perform shiatsu massage and kneading movement on your feet, toes, and other parts of your body easily. It has an air pressure massage function, which makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.
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6. MediMassager MMF06 Foot Massager –

This massager is used by many therapists and doctors, to stimulate blood circulation in their patients’ legs and feet and bring them comfort. It rough surface provides good stability when you are using this device. This device is easy to use and provides 3700 rpm movement.
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7. uComfy Shiastu Foot Massager –

This massager kneads and vibrates your muscles regularly and the heated air massage function improves the respiration and also the blood flow around your feet easily. It is very comfortable for all users and has a portable and sleek design that allows you to take it from one place to another easily. It is very good.
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8. Kendall All-in-one Foot Spa MS0809M –

This massager has various features in it like, infrared therapy, vibration massage, oxygen bubble massage, and also heating therapy. Its multi-insulation system helps to improve the safety of this device. It brings a lot of comfort to tired legs and relieves tension.
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9. Conair Foot Spa with Heat and Vibration –

This device is one of the most sophisticated of all and has a toe touch control system that can activate the vibration and heat functions immediately. Its nonslip feet can improve the stability and performance of this powerful foot massager. Its best feature is that you can also put warm water inside its foot bath, so that you can soak your feet and be comfortable. It is a very popular device.
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10. Homedics FMS-270H Deep Shiastu Foot Massager –

With 6 rotational heads this massager has the best overall capacity and performance of any foot massager. When you use this foot massager properly, it can soothen and relax your feet naturally. There are about 18 massage nodes here which massage your feet gently and bring great relief. It one of the best foot massagers of today.
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