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Top 10 Tricycles For Kids

Riding a tricycle gives the kids the confidence to ride bicycles in future. Therefore, before buying it is best to check out the top 10 tricycles for kids, along with all their features and advantages.

1. John Deere Mighty Trike –

It is one of the most popular tricycles of today and comes with adjustable seats and handlebars. They are made from strong tubes and helps children to learn to ride easily. They are made from durable and high quality leather for a great experience. Get it from today
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2. Razor RipRider 360 Caster Tricycle –

This is another popular cycle which is convenient to use and very comfortable. They have a new free wheel system which provides speed to the users. The double crown fork design lends it stability and the handle bar with rubber grips provide comfort to kids who ride for long hours.
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3. Mantis Classic Trike –

It is one of the best tricycles for kids and is made high quality and durable material. This tricycle is easy to install and provides good support to the kids. Its attractive white wall tires make them really popular among kids.
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4. Kawasaki Trike –

Its good looks make it one of the most popular Kawasaki tricycles among kids. It also comes with some great features like shock absorbers, safety steering stop and thick plastic tyres. The quality of these tricycles is really good and is durable for long periods of time if maintained well.
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5. Vilano 3 in 1 tricycle –

It is a very good tricycle for kids. There is wrap around the bar for the safety of the kids. Even the can be raised or lowered according to the needs of the kid. There is a small cover at the top to protect the children from excessive sunlight and keep them cool. It is one of the best cycles to be available on
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6. High Bounce Extra Tall Tricycle –

It is a strong and sturdy tricycle for kids of age 3-6 years. It is very easy to install and store this tricycle. Its durable tires can also last for a long time with minimum maintenance procedure and kids can use them for a
long time. It also has different adjustments to suit the needs of the kids riding them.
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7. Road master duo deck trike –

This is one of the most popular tricycle for kids available easily on It is made of steel and has a powder coat finish to prevent rust, thus increasing its durability. This cycle is suitable for all kids above 18
months of age. The handle bars come with rubber grips for the comfort of the kids.
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8. Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle –

The speciality of these cycles are that they come with a steer at the back so that even parents can steer or manage the movement of the cycle when required if the kids are unable to do so. The EVA tires give it the strength and stability it requires.
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9. Fisher Price Thomas the Train Cycle –

This cycle comes with the Thomas and Friends design that is very attractive for most kids and everyone of them want it. They come with some really good user friendly features like big foot pedals, easy grip handle bars etc. these tricycles are quite famous and are very durable.
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10. Radio Flyer Classic Dual Deck Tricycle –

Dual deck provides the kids with the opportunity of playing with their friends or family while riding themselves. They are made of sturdy material and have a low centre of gravity which lends good balance to the cycle. It is one of the best tricycles available today and looks attractive too. Get it today from
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