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Kettlebell a 20$ Complete Fitness Mantra For NRI

Kettlebell a 20$ Complete Fitness Mantra For NRI

Kettlebell is a complete new type of training and getting very popular among fitness followers.

Lets find out the key benefits of Kettlebells


Key Benefits of Kettlebells 

Better Body Balance – Lifting ,pulling and swinging kettlebells  will need you to maintain your bodies center of gravity. Doing this will help in building body balance which will provide you more flexibility in you day to day tasks.

A very Efficient Workout – Every fitness coach will want you to do a cardio workout which will help burn fat and also do weight lifting exercise to build muscle. You would need to either run ,jog or cycle and also lift weights.The weight of the kettlebells helps to build muscles, while the fast paced and dynamic feature of kettlebell exercises helps as a cardio fitness and reduces body fat and burns calories .Exercise with  kettlebells also enhances your balance, overall flexibility and co-ordination.


Use like your Complete Gym – Barbells and dumbbells help you to focus on a particular muscle and works out that specific muscle.

Kettlebell exercises work in a unique way and bring all your muscles into play. This will make you to efficiently condition your entire body in a single workout or even by performing multiple reps of a single kettlebell exercise.

Build your Co-ordination – Kettlebell workouts need multiple movements of your body to balance and this  greatly improves your overall co-ordination which has a  beneficial impact on your reaction times, and increase your overall performance .

Build a Stable Core – kettlebell workout build strong core muscles and also helps to strengthen and stabilize them. This increased core strength and stability will help you to perform other exercises easily.

You will Lose Fat Weight – Kettlebell exercises burn up to 1200 calories per hour and considered as one of the most efficient fat burning exercises.

The muscle building qualities of kettlebells also helps you lose fat weight. You are sure to get ripped by exercising daily with kettlebell.

Cheap , Less space requirement and powerful grip  – A kettlebell’s center of mass is extended past the hand and moves all the time during any kettlebell exercise. Hence kettlebells helps  to strengthen your wrist muscles and improve your grip .

Kettlebell require very less space in your home and a must have for all NRI looking to get Fit. They are very cheap and can be bought on amazon for 20$ for 15 Pounds.



CAP Barbell Vinyl Coated Cement Kettlebell



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