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Top 10 Best Wireless Weather Stations In 2015 2016 Reviews

1. The Sharper Image EC-WS115 Internet Weather Station

With its beautiful and large display you can have forecast of 4 days in brief. It can be used to know the temperature and humidity of your place. It is desk or wall mountable which will complement your beautiful wall.

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2. Sharp Atomic Wireless Weather Station

It provides date and time along with a feature to set alarm. The display looks quite fancy and in automatically senses the change in day light. It has an accurate forecast including temperature and humidity prediction.
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3. Netatmo Weather Station

It has a bunch of useful features like hydrometer, thermometer, sound meter and barometer which can effectively determine the concentration of CO2. It has a smart display which provides graphs and makes the data easy to read. It is also capable to connect smartphones with it.
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4. Home Weather Station

It looks quite like a weather clock which shows time in an analog fashion. It has built in thermometer and hydrometer. It also measures humidity. It measures temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.
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5. Oregon Scientific RGR126N

It has its own large display which accurately show the temperature, humidity along with the amount of rainfall. It keeps record of 10 days of rainfall. It also had a digital clock built-in.
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6. WeatherSpy WSC-11

It has various features like Digital Hygrometer and Barometer, Thermometer, Electronic Calendar and a digital clock with alarm feature. It accurately measures the temperature and humidity at any location. It has a large 4” LCD display to make it easy-to-read even in nights.
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7.  Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue

It has an LCD console and integrated sensor suite which ensures effective working. The display is 3×4.37 inch and is back lit. It accurately measures both indoor and outdoor weather conditions like humidity, temperature, wind speed, barometric pressure, amount of rainfall etc.
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8.  AcuRite 01500

It has special rain and wind sensor to predict accurate weather conditions with Precision Forecasting Technology. It displays the change in temperature, humidity and pressure in from of a graph to make it easy to read. It has strong signal penetration and premium wireless features.
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9.  Ambient Weather WS-1171A

It is provided with Dew Point, Barometer, Humidity and Temperature recording features. The main console is large and easy to read.
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10. La Crosse Technology 308-1412S
It has customizable temperature alerts and it has icons which indicates the type of weather. It records min/max
humidity. It is provided with USB charging port for its effective working.

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