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Top 10 Best Teeth Whitening Kits In 2015 2016 Reviews

1. Colgate Optic Whitening Kit

The kit contains Colgate Optic Toothpaste, tooth brush and whitening pen. The expectancy to make your teeth whiter is of 2 days. The special whitening gel is able to clean all the new stains to make your teeth look brighter. The built-in whitening pen will not fail to satisfy you.
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2. Rembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit

With tested quality and equipped with comfortable applicators, this kit will fulfill all your whitening demands. With perfect use, you will be able to see the results within 2 hours. It uses the same basic ingredients that most of the dentists use.
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3. Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Strip

The easy to apply and effective strips are one of the best ways to get beautiful and shiner teeth. You will be able to see positive results in 14 days or less. The stripes are so designed that it will not bring any bad impact on teeth or enamel.

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4. Shine Whitening

This kit contains whitening LED light, screw cap syringes, and also retainer case. This product is guaranteed to be safe for your teeth and gum as it has no harmful chemicals like peroxides. The provided LED light will catalyze the whitening process.
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5. Brilliant HD – Teeth Whitening Kit

Specially designed by dentists, this product will start showing you results in 15 minutes. The chemical is checked so that it will not have any negative effect on your teeth and gum. You can use this kit daily. It easily removes stains from the teeth surfaces and gives it a brighter look.
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6. Plus White 5 Minute Whitening System

The kit is very powerful in removing the stains. Some hard stains like Coffee stains are easily removed. The chemicals are tested and this is completely safe for your teeth and gum. It ensures a long lasting whitening effect.

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7. Easy Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

This product uses Carbamide peroxide gel which is not harmful and is good for your teeth. This kit removes tough statin with a smoother effect. You can get instant brightness after using this product.
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8. Home Teeth Whitening Kit

The kit includes gels, case, light, and also trays which provides top class whitening effect to your teeth. It provide you white teeth much safely without using any harmful chemicals. You can see results from the moment you use it.

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9. Crest 3D White strips

Professionally created to fulfill all your whitening demands, It is able to remover tough stains pretty easily. It has advanced seal technology that will ensure a whiter smile. Most of the people are using this product.

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10. Dr. Song Home Professional Teeth Whitening
This product is the top rated whitening product in the market now. It comes with Carbamide Peroxide, white LED light, thermo form trays, andalso gel applicator. The easy to use applicator allows you to use it very conveniently. It is specially designed to make your teeth shinier.

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