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Top 10 Best Scuba Diving Masks In 2015 Reviews

1. GoPro Hero 3+ Compatible Scuba Mask

Introduces by OCTOMASK, the mask looks cool in black and silver colours. It enables divers to make underwater films. It is compatible with all GoPro models.
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2. Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask

This snorkel set of scuba diving mask was introduced by Cressi in wide range of colors including Clear, Pink, White, All Black, Green Camo and Marrone as per your choice. it is ideal for hunters and photographers as it prevents water leakage.
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3. Pro Ear Scuba Diving Mask

Introduced by IST, this mak is of black colour and it has all the high-end features. Ideal for underwater expedition. It is backed by full manufacturer’s warranty under Joe Diver America’s Return Program.
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4. Promate Junior Snorkeling Scuba Diving Mask

Designed by  Promate, this mask is available in three color variants including Yellow, Pink and Blue and various suitable sizes for junior divers. Open heel fins, snap-in fasten buckle, adjustable strap, tempered glass lens for safety, soft easy-equalization skirt and Nylon Mesh Bag with Cord Drawstring are some of the features of these masks. This mask has great value for money.
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5. Oceanic Ion Sport Scuba Diving Mask

This Mask set by Oceanic is available in Blue, Purple and Red colors and various sizes to choose from as per your suitability. Its package includes ion mask, V-Flex Open Heel Adjustable Fins, Mesh Bag along with Ultra dry Snorkel form Oceanic. One of the bestselling scuba masks in the market.
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6. Scuba Diving/Snorkel Mask

This scuba diving mask from Wide-i is provided with fog wiper. You can buy its one unit for single lens mask and 2 units for dual/split lens mask. This has some high tech imaging feature which will enable you to surf more easily in the water.
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7. Mares i3 Liquidskin Scuba Diving Mask

This scuba diving mask introduced byMares is available in Black Silicone, Clear Blue and Clear Yellow colors to choose from. High grade silicone is available with it for a soft and comfortable seal. Its 3 window design provides you extraordinary field of view. This can be easily used in underwater expeditions.
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8. Head Scuba Snorkeling Liquidskin Mask

The mask is available in various colors including Black Red Metallic, Black Bronze Metallic, Blue Metallic, Pink White, Purple White, Red Metallic and Silver Metallic from which you can choose as per your choice. The most important features include Dual tempered glass lenses, super low volume design, dry top snorkel, adjustable quick-and-easy push button buckles, comfort bite mouthpiece and snorkeling carry bag and many more.

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9. Phantom Aquatics Velocity Scuba Snorkeling Mask

This snorkel set introduced by Phantom Aquatics available in colors including Black Titanium, Black, Black Red, Blue, Crystal Clear, Pink, Red, Titanium, Turquoise and Yellow. Double edge facial seal for air tight comfort, push- button buckle for easy adjustment of strap, unsurpassed downward vision and high grade crystal silicone are the most important features. One of the best products in the market now.
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10. Aqua Lung Sport Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask

Introduced by Aqua Lung, the mask is available in Black, Clear, All Black with Nose Purge, Blue with Nose Purge, Pink with Nose Purge are the color variants of this mask. Dual or single lens design, tempered glass lenses, extremely low volume design and quick and easy adjustable side clip buckles make it a good choice for divers and underwater photographers.

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