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Top 10 Best Blu-Ray Players in 2015 reviews

If you do not have the time to go to a movie theatre then don’t worry, just catch all the movies you want to see at home by playing the discs on your Blu-Ray Players. The Blue Ray Players enhance the quality of the picture and sound and make watching movies on them comfortable and easy. One can enjoy theatre like experience by watching movies on Blu Ray players.

Top 10 Best Blu-Ray Players In 2015 are:

    1. Pioneer Elite BDP- 80 FD –
      This device can be controlled easily through its iControlAV5 application. It has direct wi-fi and is able to connect this device to Miracast system. Movies or videos from you tube can be watched easily by connecting this to the internet. It makes watching comfortable and easy

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    1. Onkyo BD-SP 809 –
      This is THX certified and is a very powerful device . It supports 3D playback and you can watch 3Dmovies easily. It has 1080p resolution, which enhances picture quality and has Dolby true HD which truly enhances the picture and sound of the movies you watch. It makes it an experience one can never forget. This device is available on amazon.

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    1. I Vid BD780 3D Blu Ray DVD Player –
      this device is feature friendly and supports 1080p video resolution via HDM1 system. This device helps to connect to the internet through an Ethernet jack. This device is compatible with NTSC and PAL system.

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    1. Yamaha BD-S677BL –
      this device is compatible with all types of televisions. Since this device has Miracast compatibility one can watch videos from their phones or tablets easily. It is also easy to control this device and we can watch videos stored in our accounts easily.

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    1. Philips BDP2100/F7B –
      this allows easy access to the Netflix account and has a sharp image display with full HD 1080P resolution. It can be connected to the internet easily and is elegant looking .

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    1. OPPO BDP- 103 Universal Disc Player –
      this is again one of the best Blu- ray players and supports DVD,MP4,CD,VCD,AV1 and other media files. This has a dual core processor, which helps in fast downloading and quick startup. This player provides the best quality video and is easily available on amazon.

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    1. LG Electronics BP540 Blu-Ray Disc Player –
      this is another elegant looking device which enhances your experience of watching movies at home. This device gives you instant access to sites like amazon videos,Netflix, Youtube etc. So, get yours on Amazon easily.

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    1. Panasonic DMP-BDT225 Smart Blu-Ray Player –
      this device has a built in WI-FI connection and has very good speed which helps it download movies from the internet easily. It has MIracast feature which helps in sharing the smartphone contents with others.

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    1. Samsung BD-F5700 Blu-Ray Player –
      it is one of the best devices of Samsung with a built in wi-fi connection. This helps in accessing Youtube, Facebook, twitter, Pandora easily from it. This device is able to support formats like AAC,LPCM, JPEG, WMV, MKV, WMA, MPEG and other files.

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  1. SONY BDPS3200 Blu- Ray Player –
    This is the best in the Blu-Ray device category. It is able to stream more than 200 streaming services .it uses the Miracast system to share your smartphones videos and other things. It also has the IP noise reduction feature which improves the overall sound and picture quality of anything you are watching.

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So choose from among the best and get a theatre like experience at home. These are the best in the market and available at an amazingly low price on Amazon. Choose quickly and surprise everyone.


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