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Top Ten Best Portable Power Banks 2015 2016 reviews

In this fast moving world we cannot think of our life without our cell phones. In case we forget to charge our phones and happen to go out then we are doomed. The phone battery dies and we are left in a lurch . But now there is a solution for that too in the form of portable power banks. We can carry them anywhere and there is no fear of the cell phone dying on us. It is very useful for people who are often out and traveling . Here we will review some of 2015’s best portable power banks.

The Top 10 Best Portable Power Banks of 2015 are:

1. Zilu smart power portable charger –

This portable battery charger with dual USB is suitable for most of the Samsung phones,ipad air,HTC,nexus,Motorola
and Lumia phones. Its price is 100$ but on buying it from you can get it for 35$.
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2. AP 15600 MAH Power Bank Charger Universal External Powered back up portable battery –

This again as the name suggests, provides back up to many phones like Samsung,Sony,Nokia,Motorola,LG,Blackberry
and is quite famous in the market. The market rate of AP for this product is 80$ but at it is available for 20$ plus 5$ shipping charges.
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3. Anker 2nd generation Astro E3 Dual Port 10000mAh Ultra Compact External Battery –

This power bank not only charges various phones very fast, but also other portable devices through it’s power IQ technology. Anker has launched it in the market for 80$ but if you order for more than 35$ you can get this power bank for 26$ free shipping.
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4. Breett 10000 mAh Power Bank Dual Port USB Charger –
it has a 2.1A and 1.0A portable external battery charger for premium phones like Samsung and i phone. It comes in many colours and has a 4 LED Display to show its power back up. It comes at 504 in the market  but if you order through amazon then for orders above 35$ you get this power bank for 17$ and shipping free at an awesome deal.
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5.Easy ACC10000mAh brilliant Ultra Slim USB –
This again is an excellent portable power bank battery charger with a compact look and high capacity. It is probably the best now costing 50$ in the market ,but amazon offers it for 24$ to its customers.
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6. Vinsic Tulip mAh Power Bank –

this external battery charger with 5V1A power is suitable for ipad, ipod and i phone. It can also charge various Samsung phones and other tablets and devices. It comes in attractive black ,silver, red, green and blue colour. At amazon you can get ti for 15$.
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7. KMASHI 10000mAh mp 816 Dual USB external extended power pack –

attractive look with 5v/3.1A charging capacity and intelligent IC to manage are features which make it the best in the market. It can charge almost all smart phones very fast. KMASHI has kept its price 50$ but on amazon you can get it for 18$ free shipping for orders more than 35$.
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8. Power bot PB6000 6000mAh Universal Power Bank –
this attractive black colour power bank as the name suggests can be used to charge any devices and has a built in LED flashlight. The market price for this is 100$ but at you can get it for 15$.
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9. Power Bank 2600mAh Portable backup battery –

this is a very handy portable back up battery with a built in flashlight and can charge any device with the USB cable which comes along with it. Against a list price of 40$ Amazon offers it for 17$.
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10. Poweradd Pilot X1 5200 mAh portable charger back up external battery  –

this is a sleek looking device for charging all sorts of smart phones and includes a X1 external battery from poweradd, USB cable, AC Adaptor to charge all sorts of devices. It’s LED light shows the extent of its power supply and has a life span 500 times than other power banks. It comes at 14$ through amazon.
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Now choose fast  and do away with all the fears of your phone dying out on you. Relax and let these power banks charge your phone with ease.

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