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Top 10 Best Apple Watch Cases In 2015 Reviews

1. Spigen SGP11496 Rugged Armor Apple Watch Case

Spigen SGP11496 is a rugged armor Apple Watch Case which is sold in many stores as a bestseller. It is compatible with Apple Watch (2015). Spigen Apple watch case also includes a pair of screen protectors which protects the screen from scratches, drops and bumps. It is flexible as well as sturdy and is 42mm. The watch has metalized buttons. In use of the watch the buttons generate tactile feedback.
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2. I-Blason Apple Watch Case

I-Bason Apple Watch Case is specifically designed for Watch sport/ Apple Watch 2015. This watch case is made from good quality TPU plastic. It is very classy and gaudy style. It is a durable nonetheless versatile style that matches well on the hand. Its Combination Pack of 5 colors protects the watch from bumps and scratches. The watch also have access to all buttons, controls, sensors and Apple features.
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3. Monoy Apple Watch Case

Monoy Apple Watch Case is counted in the highest 10 best apple watch cases in 2015. It is a well built 42mm. It is light-weighted and is designed for external surface. It has access to all the functions of the phone. It is durable and protects from scratches and dents.
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4. Luvvitt Ultra Armor Apple Watch Case

Luvvitt Ultra Armor Apple Watch Case is durable and is made of fluoroelastomer. It protects from scratches, bumps, dirt and heat.
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5. Ozaki Plated Apple Watch Case

Ozaki Plated Apple Watch Case has a standard design and is ultra slim and ultra weighted. It protects from scratches. It is very comfortable to use and wear.
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6. E L V Apple Watch Case

E L V Apple Watch Case is the most light-weighted and thinnest Apple Watch. It is compatible with Apple watches and is 42mm. It protects from scratches and shock. It is very flexible and also durable.
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7. Spigen SGP11504 Apple Watch Case

Spigen SGP11504 Apple Watch is compatible with Apple Watch 2015. It is fully protected by its built-in screen protector.  It also protects against scratches and shocks. It also lasts long and has a bolstered style
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8. Luvvitt  Apple Watch Case

Luvvitt Apple Watch Case is easy to remove and install. It protects from scratches, dents and gives longer life. The case is conjointly easy to put in and take away. The watch is considered in the highest 10 best Apple watches in 2015.
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9. Apple Watch Active Workout Case

Apple Watch Active has a unique design. It is made of TPU flexible material which protects from shock and scratch. It also has an in-built screen protector. Its mechanism is really easy. The watch has the access to all the operations and functions.
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10. Actionproof Apple Watch Case

Actionproof Apple Watch Case is very easy and comfortable to wear. It takes 30 seconds to install. It protects all the essential parts of the watch from scratch and dirt. It is durable and is made of high quality rubber.
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