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Top 10 Best Winter Boots For NRI Men Reviews

A man is usually judged based on the clothes he wears and the shoes he puts on his feet. Torn, soiled dirty shoes fail to impress anyone, be it bosses or friends. So, he must wear shoes which are not only comfortable, but also
trendy and fashionable.Now, while trying to be fashionable, we must also remember that our feet need to be comfortable and protected from any types of injury.

So, while we are getting ready to face another harsh winter we have to keep all this in mind. First of all we must select winter boots which will keep our feet warm in the extreme cold. We must see whether these winter boots come
with insulated lining and insole to keep the feet warm in the harsh winter months. Breathable shoes prevent moisture from getting trapped and have good uppers with quick dry linings. This is an important criteria while selecting
your winter boots. Water proof tongue and cuffs is also must. Good quality rubber soles, insoles and padding make the winter boots comfortable. Don’t forget the weight! Winter boots with all their features should be light.

The top ten best winter boots for men which you should think of adding to your closet before this winter sets in are:

1. Salomon men’s demax winter boots-

They come with high praise from customers. They have a good inner lining which provides warmth to the feet in cold conditions.

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2. Teva men’s winter mid hiking boot–

They have a tide seal waterproof membrane which keeps your feet from getting wet and can be easily used for outdoor activities.
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3. Helly Hansen sport winter boot–

This has a good combination of textile and leather.Rubber soles improve durability and flexibility and reduce feet  tiredness and fatigue.It is trendy to look and available in many colour options. These are available on
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4. Patagonia men’s waterproof snow boot–

This is made of premium leather and it’s man made sole gives it flexibility. It is simple to look but very handy in snow because of it’s gripping in the soles.
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5. North side men’s Alberta cold weather boot–

This is another fantastic boot made with high quality leather. It’s high shaft protects the feet from the biting cold and the nylon surface on it’s shell gives it a stylish look.
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6. Timberland white ledge waterproof boot –

This is too made of high quality waterproof leather which keeps feet from getting wet and on the outside it prevents it from abrasions and gives it durability.
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7. Jambu men’s Washington snow boot–

This boot has insulated soles and has soft foam underfoot. This makes it a very comfortable and trendy shoe for all the users.
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8. Kinshow warm, waterproof leather boot –

This again is a very good looking leather boot and comes in two colours, brown and black. It is trendy and comfortable.
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9. Nautica men’s lockview winter boot –

This is used in cold weather countries and due to it’s adjustable circumference one can wear it easily and quickly. A high shaft gives it all it needs to look good and protect the feet in severe winter.
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10. Columbia men’s bugaboot snow boot –

This has a seam sealed waterproof upper which gives it a good insulation in the biting cold . feet remain warm and
comfortable. These are also available in many colours and give your feet a stylish look.
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All these trendy and useful winter boots are available on

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