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Why TransferWise Is the Best Money Transfer for NRI

Why TransferWise Is the Best Money Transfer for NRI

If you are someone who sends money to India frequently via wire and bank transfers, then you are probably aware of the severe expenses involved. However, if you are interested in sending money beck home without having to cough up an exorbitant transfer fee, TransferWise will provide you with an answer to your prayers.

An inexpensive, smart, and secure means of remitting money directly to your friends and family in India, this service undertakes money transfer operations to the country from anywhere around the world. It also offers outward remittance services from India. Here are some of the reasons why this name is now regarded by NRIs as the best option for remitting money back to their own country.

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Their remittance fee is competitive and inexpensive

These people understand that you are working very hard for your money, so they charge you a minimal transfer fee for availing their service. With many banks and other remittance services, this fee is based on the amount of money that you are transferring. More the amount being sent higher is the transfer fee. However, you will not experience any such issues with TransferWise who employ a fixed rate of 0.5% compared to 5% on Paypal and most banks. I’m sure you have never heard of such a rate, and it is unlikely you will get a better bargain anywhere else. Thanks to this ridiculously low rate, you not only get to save a lot of money but also send large sums at once to your family in India.


Convenience matters

The services offered by this remitting agency are fairly convenient and provides you with an opportunity to remit money to India from the comforts of your own home or business. This way you get to save a lot of time from standing in the long queues at banks and other remitting services, which you can put to better use elsewhere. It is a user-friendly service and the process is fairly easy and quick to carry out. 1-2-3, and the job is done!

Fast and Trustworthy


You get a fast and efficient remittance delivery with TransferWise. If you are sending money to whomsoever it may be in India, they will ensure that the sum reaches its rightful recipient within a couple of days, or even earlier if possible.

As a remitting service, they also put all their cards out in front of you on the table. There is no involvement of any hidden costs and, as already mentioned, the delivery always takes place on time.

You get a fair deal

With this remittance service, you always get the very best value for your money. They offer the fairest exchange rates that you are unlikely to come across anywhere else on the planet. As a result, you will never feel as if you are being cheated and or be under the impression of being provided the short end of the stick while making a remittance.

If you remit money to India on a regular basis from other countries, the convenient, reliable, efficient, and fast service from TransferWise will help you in saving a small fortune. Use this service one and you will no longer feel like remitting money through banks to India.


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