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5 Ways How Young Drivers in UK Can Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

5 Ways How Young Drivers in UK Can Get the Cheapest Car Insurance


Statistically speaking, young drivers in the UK are more likely to be involved in a road accident and make a claim. This leads to the knock on effect where their car insurances are sent rocketing through the roof.

It may seem like an almost improbable task to find the cheapest car insurance for young drivers anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, if you wish to keep the overall costs down there are a lot of options at your disposal. Be it increasing your excess or picking out the right car, these tips will take you down to the basics so that you can consider a wide range of insurance options and not get limited to the pay-as-you-drive insurance or telematics offers.

Let your first car be a cheap one

When you are out looking for your first car, the insurance cost often plays a big role in determining the purchase process. There are 50 different car insurance groups that contain all cars available in the market with the cheapest car insurance being offered to the ones in groups one to five. This is especially important for the young drivers who dream of driving fast cars as they are usually in the more expensive category.

Avoid making any modification to your ride

Making modifications to your car, such as body kits and alloy wheels, can be very appealing to the young drivers who want to give a personalized look to their medium-sized cars and hatchbacks. However, if you are looking for the best car insurance at an affordable rate, then this is a temptation that you should avoid at all costs- any modification can increase your car’s insurance premium by a few hundred pounds. If you are a young driver who wants to get hold of a fast car sometime soon, keep this point in mind!

If you feel that your car is not worth having without a modification, opt for the cheaper replacements for anything else would mean escalating costs on your insurance premium.

Pay annually and not monthly

Any average car insurance premium usually calculates out to over £900. This may prompt young drivers to stagger up the payments rather than shell out the entire premium amount in one go. Getting your payment out of the way in advance for the entire year is usually a much cheaper option rather than making the payments on a monthly basis, especially if you are financially capable of affording it. This will help you save a substantial amount on the monthly insurance charges.

Consider increasing your excess

When you are preparing for taking insurance, you will be required to pay a compulsory excess on your claim amount. By choosing to pay a higher voluntary excess you can make significant reductions in the overall cost of your car insurance. However, you should choose this option only when you know that you have the financial means to pay the excess in case you meet with an accident. Again, going by the statistics, younger drivers are more likely to put down an insurance claim within the first year of their being on the road which could mean forking out a higher sum of voluntary excess at a pretty early stage.

Increase your security and limit possibility of risks

By installing some additional car security features such as an immobiliser or alarm, you can get your hands on the cheapest car insurance in UK. The insurance can be cheaper if you have a driveway or garage where you can leave your car overnight, rather than having it parked out on the street which is perceived as a major risk factor by insurance companies.


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