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4 Legal Ways in Which You Can Become an UK Immigrant

4 Legal Ways in Which You Can Become an UK Immigrant

Perhaps this has been something you have been dreaming for long in life, or you have discovered only recently how much you love this country. Whatever the reason, you have decided that you would like to make a move to the UK.


You are not alone- there are plenty of people from all across the world looking to start life afresh in this territory. There are plenty of reasons why UK remains an attractive destination among individuals.

  • Social reasons: The society is multi-cultural and tolerant towards all lifestyles. Also, the crime rate is very low
  • Employment factors: UK boasts an unemployment rate that remains as low as 6%. The job turnover rate is high, giving rise to plenty of opportunities. There are statutory maternity and paternity benefits, while salaries are considerably good
  • Healthcare facilities: UK has free healthcare systems of world-class standards that are accessible to all
  • Welfare community: A large welfare system is in place to help you out in case a disaster befalls you

Nevertheless, stringent Visa rules have been put in place that has made it harder than ever to immigrate to UK. This new system calls for more requirements and leaves fewer options for those who wish to make a new beginning in the country.

Where there is a will, there is a way, goes an old adage. Although the new rules have placed a hurdle in front of immigrants, you can still immigrate to UK. Here are the options you have at your disposal. We will be working under the assumption that you are not an EU citizen.

Obtain citizenship of any other EU nation

Do you qualify for the citizenship of any other EU country? Check if there was some European connection in your family (your maternal great grandmother may have been Swedish!) and if so, that could be your ticket to settling in UK. If you apply for citizenship as a natural descendant of that country, you will be provided with a shiny red EU passport. Then you can simply sail across to the UK and no one will raise a question.

Intra-company transfer

Does your employer organization have operational interests in the UK? If so, you may be eligible for an intra-company transfer. However, if you happen to lose your job, you will be required to leave within very short notice.

Be exceptional

Are you an exceptional individual? That refers to an eminent scientist, literary figure, sportsperson, academic, or someone who has achieved an exceptional feat in his/her respective field. There is a certain Visa class you can apply for in case you qualify for this. However, you will be required to prove yourself before you are provided clearance.

The “tie-the-knot” route

If you are single and wish to immigrate to UK, you can think about trying to marry a Brit. Though this will qualify you, a change in rules has made it harder than ever before. The amendment in 2012 states that your British spouse should have an annual income of at least $18,600 (more if there are kids involved). Moreover they should be in a position to sponsor the settlement all by themselves since you will be ineligible for any benefits.

Visa rules, it must be noted, always find themselves in a state of flux. Nevertheless, with the government trying to crackdown on the influx of immigrants, it is unlikely you will find the going easy ever again!

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