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How to nurture your Kid so that they are not an ABCD(American born confused DESI)

It may happen that your child isn’t sure about his ethics, culture moral value if you are living in America. He will be well known as an ABCD stands for American born confused desi. Here are some tips so that you will come to know how to nurture your kid so he won’t be an ABCD anymore. Let’s take a glimpse of it.
1. Teach them our ethics
Always try to teach them our ethics and do their upbringing in a good and healthy manner with our Indian moral and values.
2. Tell them about our own country
Try to have a good conversation with them about our country and our own stories, our idols and our achievements.
3. Try to get them some Indian friends too
Obviously a friend’s company matters a lot and they leave an impactful impression too. We will learn good and bad things from them. So it would be better if they will have some Indian friends too.
4. Try to live in USA  in a same as you use to live in IndiaAlways try to live in a same manner and make a similar environment at home which you had in India.

5. Show and try to bring them in our culture
Give importance to our culture and celebrate our festivals with joy.
6. Make Indian cuisines
Of course MERA BHARAT MAHAN involves our spicy Indian food too which you will miss in US. Try to give them the same taste and food of India.
7. Try to visit India once in a year
Last but not the least, always gets some time from your busy schedule to visit India with your kids so that they can feel it and experience it.
Try these ways and  it will be really helpful to some extend to nurture them and make them be a better confident Indian American.

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