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How To Train Your NRI Kid To Be On Par With An Indian Kid.

Nowadays many Indians relocate to different parts on the globe for personal or business/work purpose. An Indian seeks to inculcate the culture and values of their native country in their children. A lot of Indians consider moving back to India during the child’s growing age. A few ways to keep up the values, knowledge and love for India in a NRI child at par with an Indian. Parents play a vital role in this process and need to train the child for the Indian environment. A preparation for home away from home.

  1. First and foremost thing is the ability to talk in his/her native language. India is a country with diverse cultures, where around more an 26 regional languages are spoken. Hence to make the child rooted to where he or She belongs, they must know the language which shall come after rehearsing everyday with the relatives in their mother tongue.
  2. After acquiring hand on command on the knowledge, the kids needs to identify himself as an
    Indian and we must tell you that Indian children are a pack of wolves, toughened up for the world. They play outdoors and are used to registering various animals as a part and parcel of their childhood. Hence Indian kids have a lifestyle which could adjust to any required situation. On the other hand a NRI child would be unacquainted from growing up in multiple environment, which can be taught by strengthening the child through games, watching movies of India. Listening to stories about their home country and building the sense of proud towards it.
  3. Another point of concern is the love for Indian food, as a child in India grows up, he/she understands the various cooking styles catering to the needs. Whereas an NRI could only develop a taste for all dishes if the breeze of spices would have touchdown the kitchen at home. An acquired taste of bland food available in multiple countries takes away a major part of Indian culture. This point highlights that Indian cooking in any part of the world should be promoted and taught to display the diversity of taste in one geographical region.
  4. An NRI child develops no identity due to still managing to understand and decide about which culture to adapt, a struggle to fit in yet withdrawing back. The countries where a majority of  population is of immigrants so the child remains untold of who he/she is? The most qualitative answer to build child’s identity is by enrolling him/her into an extracurricular activity which would be only taught by Indians. Hence the crowd coming to learn would have a majority of Indian, which makes the child interact with many of his culture and learn an art practiced in his/her country bringing in inquisitiveness to learn and know more about India.
  5. The boys should always be made played football and cricket making them a sports enthusiast shall always
    make them a team player whether whatever country they might be in. And the girls should always be taught how to knit, enrolled in Indian dance and a creative field letting their self and thought process grow into all aspects.
  6. Not limited to, a pinch of Bollywood should always be close to a Indians heart. The heart belongs for the Indian cinema and combines all at that stroke of interest. Nevertheless an NRI child exposed to the culture and beauty of his/her country shall always bring them at par with a Indian kid. Indian have a huge heart and always accommodate love with passion and respect!

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