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Dress Code For US Visa Interview Men And Women.

The building rage of clearing and acing the U.S.A visa interview has a few steps to keep in mind. In no particular order the tips are just to provide information for a better interview which aids in clearing the interview. Highlighting the points for dressing, some points shall remain similar for both genders:

  • Always dress in formal yet comfortable clothes to create a poised impression on the officer. If possible a man wears a tie, as Americans appreciate formal attire, so they shall not find the tie an extra effort from dressing. Avoid sloppy, baggy and casual clothing as it is an interview. Jeans with skin show tops shall be a distraction leading to rejection. T-shirt with slogans, jokes and unpleasing designs should be avoided as well. Dress well to show a good persona. Expensive outfits emphasizing on brands should in not considered as well for the interview.

  • Women should wear a confident smile and clean, crisply ironed attire. Indians could dress in salwar-kameez (suit) or formal pant/skirt with a single color or minimal design top/formal shirt.
  • Hygiene is a necessary element of your personality, try wearing clean and fresh clothes consisting of no stains or marks. Nails contribute a lot in displaying the level of hygiene; hence they should be trimmed and clean or polished and upright.
  • Men should be clean shaved with kept hair not giving a messy hair look. Similarly woman should not have their hair covering their face along with a messy frizzy hair do. Pinning up the hair if required to look prim and proper.
  • Women with less makeup enhancing their real skin and features will be appreciated as a person not matching the photography on the passport shall not be entertained in the long run. A bold lipstick or dramatic eye wear drawing all the attention may create a bad impression.
  • Perfume should be a low key, something very discrete as the aura of your presence should not be marked by a strong fragrance preventing a good progress.
  • Some say they key to knowing a man’s personality is by looking at his shoes. Footwear plays a vital role in dressing up and as a lot of walking is required during the process. Footwear should be comfortable and polished. No worn out casual slippers or flip flops would be appropriate. Men could carry off the day with formal shoes matching their belt whereas women should try wearing comfortable wedges or ballerinas. Peep toes gather attention and shall disrupt the decorum of the office.

A right and positive attitude with a confident and appropriate response would disclaim the clear attentions of the visa. Yet the first impression is the last impression which can be created by what to wear. A confident personality with the right dress code will ace the USA visa interview!

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