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9 Reasons Why Immigrating To US Is Better Than UK

While considering immigrating between the United States of America and United Kingdom, for everybody around the globe it’s always required to know a few basic very important information before taking the step.

United States of America is a large country with high geographical value and low population in comparison which allows immigrants ample of opportunities. United Kingdom has high demographics leading to low job opportunities causing immigrants of no guarantee of a better tomorrow. A few key points to notice :


1- United States of America offers the liberty of automatic birthright citizenship whereas United Kingdom banned the same in 1983.

2- U.S.A provides the right to apply for a green card after giving services to the country with the course of time, whereas United Kingdom has nothing to offer like the states green card lottery.

3- While residing in the USA a green card holder can file for foreign sibling to enter America and apply for permanent residency whereas UK does not offer any right to file for siblings to enter.

4- If the parents are propound to a job opportunity in USA they can apply to bring their adult children to the country on the other hand UK does not allow the parents to file a right to bring their adult heir to the country.

5- Adults over 21 are allowed to file for their parents in the USA whereas UK does not permit any such activity.

6- United Kingdom is restricted in providing job opportunities to their own citizens than any other immigrants until required for a specific skill benefiting UK.

7- After critically evaluating the financial requirements of both the countries. U.S.A offers a wide range of offers and employment plans as well as growth in the country than U.K.

8- Education later converted into employment is offered by the government of USA. Whereas United Kingdom is still struggling to decide to whether offer the graduate students a position to apply for or not.

9- The power and availability to excel in the United States of America marks well the thought to immigrate there than the United Kingdom.

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