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Cost Of Living In India Comparison To Cost Of Living In USA.

On the globe India and The United states of America are situated on two different directions. Yet many Indians are allured from the living standards in US, and a lot of Americans are pulled towards the country rooted to its culture. Here we shall be getting some light on an estimated cost of living, which might change according to time and
developments. The basic amenities required to survive in any country are accommodation, eatery and clothing an observation and exercise conducted, evaluated the cost of living in USA and India. Mentioned below :

1- Land Purchase or Accommodation Rentals :

As US of A is a developed country having ample availability of geographical area in comparison to the population on the other hand India being a country with  high demographic and less availability of land still marks marginal difference in the finance department. An average purchase of a house/flat in India would vary between $200 to $600 whereas even the thought of renting an apartment is USA requires a budget above $800 for a single person. The cost of buying a house in India varies from $160, 000 to 200,000 for a 3 bedroom flat on the other hand in any part of US of A the finance to purchase a flat would be higher than $320,000 which would not be furnished.

2- Education:

Education plays a very vital role in the lives of Indians as it is the basic qualification for earning the bread and butter of an individual or a family. Hence Indians acquire more than 22 years of education to sustain themselves for a good living. On the contour USA has no condition to the need of higher education to commence a well payed job making education till college/ grad school; an easy amount to pay. Education costs more in India than in
America for foreign or native students. A majority of private universities in India have a high fee barrier, in comparison to America.

3- Amenities and Domestic Health:

Covering up after cost of living, the amenities for maintaining a household in India are less and hiring domestic
help is easy. Labor is extremely cheap in India, and raw material and utilities are cheap and cost about $150 per month. The concept of labor is higher and the average citizen would not be able to hire someone to clean their home or cook for them.


The strong routes of America almost give a hole in the pocket if one doesn’t own a car. The car rentals/hired taxis or cars cost above $60 per day when hired. Taxis charge $5 plus tip per mile. Transportation cost in America is above expectation. Where India has multiple means to travel within and around any city, from self owned cars, taxis, rickshaws, three wheelers and two wheelers in some parts you may even find pulleys where a man pulls the
cart. The cost of all is cheap and economical. Though the cost of buying a car in America is a good value for money in-comparison to India as a lot of taxes are applied post purchase of a car.

5- Food:

A sufficing healthy meal for two in USA would cost about 45$ which could be a leisure meal of two in a five star hotel situated in the concrete jungles of India. India is a country of diverse cultures and offers meals from $1.


It might appear like an odd topic, but electricity has long been a must-have in the USA as contrasting to the commodity it is in India. On an average an Indian uses around 96% less electricity than the average American and this isn’t necessarily by choice. Power cuts are a general occurrence even in some of the well-built Indian
cities when the government is trying to preserve energy. For many Americans, it can be a big shock to have to become accustomed to going without electricity for a couple hours every day.

7- Health:

You can have the best quality of medical care in America at a higher cost, with insurance to pay for the bills. In India medical care is cheaper, and usually paid by cash, and insurance cuts a marginal amount according to situation/conditions.


Salaries for a regular employee in America are quite a few folds higher than wages in India. That’s why the way of living in America is much more elevated when compared to other countries.

To conclude both the countries have their own pros and cons, making us believe that an average Indian earns according to his requirements and fulfills all his basic needs and a few luxuries whereas Americans earn an apt amount to survive in USA.

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