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Best Places to Live in India for NRI

Best Places to Live in India for NRI

Returning back to India after a long stay in U.S. or some other country may be really overwhelming an experience. But, it is generally observed that NRIs face some kinds of challenges while planning to settle here. During their stay abroad they become used to of an environment that is most probably pollution free and corruption free but as we know, roots always bind a person with them. A person with Indian origin would still desire to be here, with his own people.

India has got many places where an NRI can live happily without missing the foreign lands. Let’s have a glimpse of such cities which can prove to be really wonderful ones for the NRIs catering to all their needs and desires.

Bangalore: This city besides being beautiful provides for sundry job opportunities for an educated person. An NRI has better chances to grab at some wonderful and really well-paying jobs easily here which will make him cry less over his damn higher salary abroad. Plus, the climate here is always moderate and acquiring a flat here also is not that tougher a task. You can get quite a luxurious apartment at reasonable rates in posh areas of the city where the roads are cleaner with a plenty of food and shopping options nearby.

Mysore: Being called as the second cleanest city of India, the city attracts a lot of people to come and settle here forever. An NRI can be pleased with excellent weather found here. Plus, the residents of the city are quite hospitable and friendly. For education and job purposes too the city has a lot to offer and for spending weekends you never run short of the spots you can visit in the city.

Chandigarh: One of the well planned cities of India, Chandigarh is a good option for an NRI to come and live here. The pollution is less and the traffic is moderate, cost of living is also not that high. There are plenty of good schools and colleges from where your children can acquire education. Talking about the option for money earning, these are also in abundance here.

Ahmedabad: Another well planned city in India, Ahmedabad is famous for awesome greenery that is found everywhere contributing to the least percentage of pollution in the city. It has everything from markets at every street to gardens at small intervals. This is the city with most welcoming people and an NRI would never feel aloof here. The roads, education system, tourist spots etc. are also a plus point of Ahmedabad.

Hyderabad: This is a cosmopolitan city with a lot of genuine job opportunities. The weather here is always moderate and the transport system runs quite well here. From education point of view too this city is unbeatable. People here are large hearted and can converse well in English. Furthermore, there are a lot of restaurants within the city and from safety purposes also the city excels over many other Indian cities.

So, staying in your own country after spending long time abroad will definitely be easier and a great choice for an NRI if they pick up the best locations of India to live in as mentioned above.


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