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Best 5 Pressure Cooker Review for NRIs

Best 5 Pressure Cooker Review for NRIs


We help you to buy the best cooking appliances (Pressure Cookers) by affording the classic review, feedback and websites that assists you to make the best decision of buying the products not by its sales. If you need to know more about pressure cooker or how to choose a right pressure cooker, feel free to read our best purchasing guide first.

  1. Instant Pot– This one of the top brand in the pressure cooker market addressing the problem of cooking healthy food still living an increasingly busy lifestyle. The company’s products are modern using digital displays giving them a range of 6-in-1 and 7-in-1. These pressure cookers have proved a massive world-wide hit with busy consumers.

This authentic stainless steel pressure cooker is third generation. It has 7-in-1 functions in one machine including pressure cooker, rice maker, and slow cooker. It has fourteen programs that can be used with a delay cooking option. Highly efficient and kitchen friendly this cooker comes with ten certified safety options including a  three ply bottom which is made of stainless steel. This Instant Pot 7-in-1 Programmable is rated as the best electric pressure cooker at the moment.


  1. Presto– Presto Pressure Cooker is one of the most common names in the market. The name is widely adopted and highly popular because of low price and high quality of their product. This awesome model is sturdy, durable, and safe for you when cooking. If you are looking for an affordable high quality cooker pressure this model is a great addition to your kitchen.


The Presto 6-quart is very easy to operate and releasing the steam at the end which is important to avoid any potential accidents. It cooks food quickly and efficiently. You can also make slightly less expensive cuts of meat taste tender and great!


  1. Kuhn Rikon– Kuhn Rikon is a well known and very well trusted Swiss cooking utensil manufacturer. Their range of cookers is among the best pressure cooker available giving you the best option for the price.  The company enjoys positive reviews from many satisfied customers wherever it sells its products.

This pressure cooker is considered as one of the most efficient pressure cookers. They cook fast and it saves you energy. They are very easy and completely safe to use. It has more safety systems than most other pressure cookers out there. The only thing you have to consider is its price. With its really high quality, the price is a little bit higher than other pressure cookers. But it is worth the money! I guarantee you will satisfy with this excellent pressure cooker.

  1. Fagor– Fagor 8-Quart stainless pressure cooker is one of the most popular brand in house ware names. This is all thanks to over fifty years (since 1956) of producing high quality and long lasting products for home use. The company produces expertly engineered pressure cookers. It is a reliable and friendly company. Fagor forged its reputation over the years on the strength of the quality of its products. It is a true global brand.

Pressure cookers are gaining momentum as the new healthy, time-saving, and energy-saving way to prepare food. While not a new method, the technology has certainly been transformed over the years to be easier and safer than ever. Constructed from 18/10 stainless steel for long-lasting durability, this 8-quart pressure cooker makes it possible to save up to 70 percent of the time and energy traditionally used in cooking rice, meat, and vegetables. The cooker’s lid offers a long handle made of black heat-resistant plastic for comfortable use. A safety-lock handle, visual pressure indicator, and an automatic pressure-release setting ensure the lid won’t come off unintentionally.

  1. All American– All American is known throughout the world for precision quality material and durability.  Using only the sturdiest heavy duty materials their pressure cookers have consistently been named the safest models in the USA. All American is also considered the best brand in pressure canning market.  Their pressure canners are great providing almost 100% customer satisfaction.



This heavy-duty pressure cooker’s large capacity is probably best utilized for canning (though it would also be great for a number of cooking tasks). A pressure cooker is generally recommended when canning vegetables and nonacid fruit, since the high heat that can be generated will kill more bacteria than a regular hot water bath. Made from cast aluminum, with sturdy screws to seal the lid to the pot, this pressure cooker requires no rubber or plastic gaskets or rings.


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