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Gift Ideas For India Vacation- Things to gift for Friends and Families and for Indian occasions like wedding ,anniversary ,Birthdays and more.


Gift Ideas For India Vacation- Things to gift for Friends and Families and for Indian occasions like wedding ,anniversary  ,Birthdays and more.


TSA Locks:

This is the First Thing you have to Buy to ensure your Suitcase is safe in India.

TSA Lock – 3 Digit Combination – Best Luggage Lock For Travel Safety and Security – Lock Alert, Heavy Duty, Assorted Colors TSA Suitcase Lock – Lock Safe Protection – Environmentally Friendly TSA Approved Lock – How To Become A Smarter Traveler eBook – Lifetime Guarantee

 Buy it here: TSA LOCKS for 13$


Fisher Space Pen :  You don’t get this in India easily and its super popular in India as a gift, these are  Made in USA. The best one is the one which has a  USA flag on it. If your Family or friends in India are is in contracting or construction this is a must give Gift from USA.

Click Here to BUY: Fisher Space Pen, Zero Gravity Space Pen with U.S. Flag Imprint, Black Rubber Finish (ZG)


Lint RollerIndia is growing Rapidly , yet I could not find a lint roller easily, My friends loved it when they saw mine and asked me to get for them. This is a cool product and a cheap and affordable gift to be given as its not available in India . The best lint roller is Scotch Pet Hair Roller 839R (2 Pack)

Click Here To BUY: Scotch Pet Hair Roller 839R (2 Pack)


Blue Tooth Wireless Speaker Since most of people in India travel by trains or buses these portable Bluetooth speakers are super amazing and you can set it up easily to hear music or when your friends go for group trips set it up and listen to songs or even play games . This is the No 1 selling product in USA and a cool gift to Friends in India. Do not buy cheap unnamed company ones as they are available in India for dirt cheap. If You plan to gift ensure it is  a Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Click Here To BUY: Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker


Knee and back  Belts  : Most of Old and senior people in India get knee and back pain , there is no easy availability of these belts. My relative has a bad knee and the belt available in India are made of cheap quality. She loved the one I presented and also my uncle has terrible back pain and presenting him with a back support belt was the best gift he has ever received. He thanks me every time he sees me

Click Here to Buy Knee Belt: Neo G Medical Grade VCS Stabilized Open Knee

Click here to Buy Back Support Belt: MUELLER Lumbar Back Brace With Removable Pad


ThermalsIn India its very Cold during Winters and my cousin needs to go for tuition’s early morning and also many of my friends work late night in Office. I presented them Thermals as its not easily available in India and everyone liked it a lot as it really makes them very comfortable .Thermals are a must Gift  if your Family and Friends live in a mountainous region else for the Cold Winters in India.

Click Here to Buy The Best Thermals: Noble Mount Men’s Extreme Cold Waffle Knit Thermal Top and Bottom Set


Badminton Racket and Shuttles- 

Badminton is a famous game in India these days, everyone of all ages play this game apart from Cricket. Good quality rackets and shuttle cocks are costly and hard to find and is a perfect gift to people in India who love to play badminton.

Rackets and shuttlecocks  that you can take from USA are made of good quality.

Click Here to Buy Best Shuttle : Yonex Mavis 2000 Nylon Tournament Shuttle

Click Here to Buy The Best Racket: Wilson Adult’s All Gear Badminton Kit (2-Piece)


Classic Mens Watch :  Top quality and great looking  watches from US Polo Association with a USA flag are the best and affordable gifts to folks in india. Never give any low quality or unknown brand watches as they are easily available in India. Buy lots of these Watches as these are the best and easy gift to anyone in India and they will love this gift for sure.

Click here to buy US POLO Watches: U.S. Polo Assn. Sport Men’s US9061 Watch with Black Rubber Strap Watch

If you want to Present to someone Special then go for a costly one from Fossil watches

Click Here to Buy Fossil Watches: Fossil Men’s FS4885 Grant Stainless Steel Watch with Brown Leather Band


Vitamix : Everyone in India is starting to get health conscious. This Gift is expensive but if you are looking to present it to your near and dear one to improve their health this is perfect to make smoothies and as a blender. This vitamix works in India for 240 v supply without any extra adapters or converters

Click Here to Buy Vitamix: Vitamix 5300 Improved 5200 More Powerful, Fits Under Cabinet Model, Black


Chocolate Liquor: This gift I believe is the best among all .It looks good and  tastes even better . If you are  travelling to India for a marriage or any other ceremony ensure you take few of them  with you.You surely will not be disappointed of this Gift.

Click Here to Buy Chocolate Liquor: Anthon Berg Dark Chocolate Liqueurs with Original Spirits – 64 pcs. Gift Box (2.2 lbs)

Degrees By 180s Mens Fleece Ear Warmers:

Morning walks and strolls are very Common in India, This Gift will bring a happy smile for early bird raisers. They will love the good quality ear warmers for sure

Click  Here to Buy: Degrees By 180s Mens Fleece Ear Warmers


Neck Pillow and Back support  – The best pillows are Made in USA and ideal for gifting else for using during  travel, Your neck and back will love you for this product. And people with Neck or back pain will always remember you of this Gift.

Buy The Best Neck Pillow Here: Travelmate (R) Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Buy The Best Back Support Here: OTC 2891 Lightweight Elastic Lumbosacral Support, White


Trimmer and Shavers ( Grooming Kit ): This is perfect wedding gift for grooms  on budget. Philips Noreclo products are the best in the industry. They are worth every penny you spend as a gift.

Buy The Best Trimmer here: Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100

Buy The Best Shaver Here: Philips Norelco 6948XL/41 Shaver 2100


 GoPro Hero Camera: These are costly but ther are unique, very few people have this camera in india Your Photoshoot will take a new dimension with this Camera.. You have to buy camera with the stick. These camera are Stunning Video Quality: Record gorgeous 1080p30 and 720p60 video., Diverse Photo Capture: Capture 5PM single, Time Lapse and Burst photos up to 5 fps. Built-in Microphone: Record audio with the built-in microphone

Durable + Waterproof to 131-Feet (40m): Designed to withstand extreme environments and conditions

Compatible with all GoPro Mounts: 60+ mounts and accessories. GoPro Software: View and share your content.

External Memory: Supports microSD cards up to 32GB (class 10 or UHS-1 required) Sold Separate


Buy GoPro Hero Here: GoPro HERO


 Women’s Bags or Purses : All most all women’s are obsessed with Bags. . My wife recently bought a Louis Vuitton it costed 1000$ for a bag which is ridiculous but women don’t think that way.  For gifting don’t buy Louis vuitton in USA there are lots of companies which are very good quality but affordable for buying and made of very good quality. This quality of bags you find for the price is no way comparable to what you get in India

Buy lots of Bags and purses as these are  very much needed for gifting to all women’s  in your family and relatives.

Buy MG Collection for 30$: MG Collection Carlota Fashion Rhinestone

Buy Fossil bags: Fossil Explorer Straw Cross Body Bag, Stripe, One Size

Buy Tommy Bags: Tommy Hilfiger Hinge Jacuard Travel Tote, Black/White, One Size


 Remote Controlled Helicopter: This is one of the bestselling toys in USA. All Kids love remote controlled toys. These are very costly in India. Kids just love this gift . I gifted this to my nephew in India and I cant explain how happy he was. All worth the 18$

Buy Remote Controlled Helicopter : Syma S107/S107G 3 Channel RC Heli with Gyro – Yellow


Tablets/Chromebook/laptops and Iphones Ipad and iphones are #1 requested gift item by everyone in India.

They are much cheaper in USA than in India .Buy the below products without fail to Gift to your near and dear ones:

Buy Kindle Reader for 119$: All-New Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi – Includes Special Offers

Buy chromebook: HP Chromebook 14 – New Version (Snow White)

Buy Laptop for 186$: HP Stream 11.6 Inch Laptop (Intel Celeron, 2GB, 32GB SSD, Horizon Blue) Includes Office 365 Personal for One Year

Buy Apple Ipad 190$: Apple iPad mini MD531LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, White / Silver)

Buy Apple Iphone 6: Apple iPhone 6, Silver, 16 GB (Unlocked)

Apple Macbook: Apple MacBook Pro 13.3-Inch MD101LL/A Laptop – Core i5 4GB RAM and 500GB HD with Built-in SuperDrive


USA to India Adapter Plug: OREI 2 in 1 USA to India Adapter Plug (Type D) – 4 Pack, Black pack of 4 adapters for entire family for 8.99.This is  Perfect for family or even for gifting


Buy Adapter Plug: OREI 2 in 1 USA to India Adapter Plug (Type D) – 4 Pack


Fitness/Health ItemsMany in India have Diabetes, back pain and obese. Gifting a smart watch with all health related information make it a perfect gift . People in India are getting very health conscious and this gift for sure will bring smile on their face.

Buy This smart watch which is the best for 85$ : Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android (Black)


Digital Picture Frames : Digital Picture Frames quality in USA are very good and made of nice quality at affordable price making it the best affordable gift to take to India.Your Friends and Family will cherish it.Buy the No 1 selling product in USA below

Buy This No 1 selling and the best digital Photo frame for 60$:NIX 8 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor (X08D)


 ToolSets :Tool set quality and packages and variety is the best in USA. For people who love to do DIY project gifting a toolset will make you memorable.

Buy These Best selling High Quality Toolsets for 40$:

Stanley 94-248 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit

Stanley – 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit –


Women and Men Beauty gift Sets : Beauty Gift sets are a must  to carry. .They are light and small to carry and looks good when presented.

For Men Buy this for 11$:Dove Men Plus Care Everyday Gift Pack

For Women Buy This for 16.99$:Dove Beauty 4 Piece Cool Moisture Gift Set


Perfumes :  Girls love  perfumes. Carry a handful of thesethey are not expensive and easy to carry

Buy These awesome smelling perfume for 9$:Paris Hilton Tease Women Eau De Parfum Spray, 1 Ounce


Chocolates :Reese’s Cups, anything Hershey’s, Mountain Dew, Twinkies, Jolly Ranchers,  Cinnamon Roll Pop Tarts are the best in USA .

Must Take chocolates are:

Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolate, 40-Ounce Bag for 9$

Ferrero Rocher, Hazlenut, 48 Count, 21.2oz


Gold Coins : Gold coins are cheaper to Buy in USA than in India. This will make it a perfect way to gift as well as for investment.

Buy the best quality Gold Coin here: 2015 American Gold Eagle (1 oz) $50 BU U.S. Mint

Chocolate covered pretzels: Pretzels are not common in India, and People love them when they eat them, so ensure you take them as a gift

Buy The Best Pretzels here for 9$: Snyders Mini Pretzels Tub, 40 Ounce


Multivitamins :Everyone in India nowadays take multivitamin. The quality and cost of multivitamins are not up to standard with USA. Hence gifting multivitamins is the best gift.

And you can gift them the gummy bear type else the regular type else the chocolate multivitamins

Best Sellers are Below

Centrum Base Multivitamin, Adult, 200-Count

VitaFusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins for Adults – 250 Gummies


Medicine box organizer :Lots of Indians now take tablets and medicine box organizer are still not common in India. Gifting this would really help old people.It cost 7$ but a very nice way to say you care:

Buy The Best Medicine box: Apex Apex 7-day Mediplanner Pill Organizer


Women’s Home Slippers. Excellent for our Mom or for old people  whose feet are often numbed by the cold, And also for diabetics. Buy these for 11$

4 Pairs Women’s Mary Jane Slipper Socks Fuzzy Non-Skid Assorted Colors One Size


Sugar Free and diabetic Products: Many in India diabetics population, anything sugar free People will  appreciate and love it.

Sugar free chocolates: Werther’s Sugar Free Assorted, Original, 7.7 Ounce


Sugar Free Cookies: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures, Sugar Free, 8.8-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)

Diabetic foot cream: MagniLife Pain Relieving Foot Cream

Eucerin Diabetics’ Dry Skin Relief Foot Creme, 3 Ounce (Pack of 3)

Diabetic socks: White Diabetic Socks, Crew Style, MEN Size 10-13, 1 dozen Pairs


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