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Your Guide To Ensure you get the Best Insurance While Traveling to USA on a Holiday

Your Guide To Ensure you get the Best  Insurance While Traveling to USA on a Holiday

When we plan a vacation , the  things that come to mind are fun, relaxation, entertainment, excitement, and more . We hardly ever think  like accident, illness, etc. Many people ignore buying travel insurance before going to USA.

The Fact is Medical bills in USA is very High for tourists who are uninsured. Never take your health for granted . It is very Important and a must to ensure you understand the medical setup in USA and buy medical plans suitable for you.


Travel insurance plans provide coverage for hospitalization in case you fall ill during your visit to the US. Travel insurance also provides coverage in case of lost passport or baggage, cancellation or delay of flights and other personal liabilities. Legal support is also paid for in case of a financial emergency.

1. Know Your Health Requirements:

The first step before buying travel insurance is considering and understanding all your requirements so that you get the best plan.

2. Research on The Sum Insured :

Medical coverage is the primary feature of travel insurance which is why it is important for you to decide on the sum insured based on how costly medical services are in the country that you are traveling to.


Check the below link to find out how much each medical Service cost and based on your current health condition choose the Sum to be Insured.


3. Duration Of Your Stay in USA:

The longer you stay, the higher the premium.  So consider the duration of your stay before buying an insurance policy for traveling.

4. Multi-Trip Policies:

If you are regular traveler, it is wise to opt for multi-trip policies. This will help you save costs and also eliminates the need to buy policies time and again.

5. Consider Your Holiday Activities:

If you are planning on participating in adventure sports like trekking, water sports, skiing, etc. you may need extra coverage that standard travel insurance does not include in its plans. To get coverage for these activities, you will need to request the insurer to provide it to you. This will cost extra

6. Add-Ons of Insurance:

Many insurers offer add-ons such as fire and burglary insurance to protect your home while you are in the US or anywhere else. Missed connection covers for travelers who move from city to city are also provided.

7. Compare Insurance Plans:

When it comes to buying insurance, comparing plans is vital. You should always make sure that you do not buy insurance based only on the premium and sum insured. Compare different companies and the services that they provide to find the best one.

8. Read Policy Documents in Detail:

Before you sign any document, always thoroughly go through it and get all the helpline numbers of your insurer and if there is a third-party administrator, get their numbers as well.

9. Research Coverage Provided:

You need to remember that the coverage that a policy provides is just as important as those that it does not.  Go through the claim procedures and terms carefully before picking a policy.

10. Be Patient on  your reimbursement:

No matter how big a company is, it will delay for as long as possible when it comes to payments. Therefore, you will need to prepare yourself to wait to receive your entitled money.

11. Keep All Documents and Receipts Ready:

If you have not received your money and want to do so as soon as possible, make sure that you keep all your receipts, forms and documents ready. This will ensure that your claim is processed faster.

12. Know the Difference Between Travel And Health Insurance:

Many people make the mistake of buying travel insurance thinking that it will provide medical coverage too. Travel insurance is to protect you when you are abroad in case of any mishaps.

13. Buy from Third-Party Insurer:

It is smarter to buy travel insurance from a third-party insurer. This will help in case the insurer goes bankrupt. If this occurs, you will still get all the full benefits so you do not lose anything.

14. Don’t get carried away with Flight Insurance:

Many insurers will try to convince you to add flight insurance as part of the travel insurance that you are buying. This is a policy that provides you coverage in case the aircraft you are traveling in crashes. However, this is a rare occurrence so it is not necessary to spend extra money on it.

15. High Cost Of Insurance are not always better:

Remember that the expensive plans are not always the best ones. Insurance companies are a business and their aim to make profit. They will show you the pricier policies but they do not always provide you the coverage you require. So look at travel insurance policies of all ranges.


16. Ask for Senior Citizen Plans:

If you are a senior citizen who needs travel insurance, choose policies that have special features including higher sum insured, coverage for accidental death or dismemberment and coverage for pre-existing illnesses.

17.Always Opt or lookout for  Online Insurance:

Many people are opting to buy insurance online as they can easily and conveniently compare companies , rates, etc. all the same time. This is a great as you can avail great offers and discounts as well. Key is to ensure you read all the Fine print on the coverage and non coverage.

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