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F2 Visa Interview Questions 2015-2016

General F2 questions:
Q. What is your name?

A : Tell your full name as in passport
Q. What Visa type have you applied for ?

A:F2 visa
Q. What is the full name of your spouse?

A:answer as per spouse name in passport

  1. What does your spouse do in USA?

A:He studies in XXX university.
Q. Can you provide me  spouse’s passport/visa/I-20?

A:Very important carry a copy of the same

  1. When are you planning to go to USA? Have you made any specific travel arrangements?

A:Be confident and answer to the point.

Marriage related questions:
Q. When did you get married?

A:answer the exact date and year
Q. Was it arrange marriage? How did you both meet? Did you know your spouse before marriage?

A:Be precise and answer appropriately
Q. Do you have your marriage album/photos?

A:Yes, provide the same
Q. Can I see your marriage certificate?

A:ensure it is in English and provide the certificate:ORIGINAL
Q. Have you brought the invitation cards with you?

A:Yes. Provide the same
Q. Why did you not go with your spouse ?

A > Due to Personal and professional  things which I had to wind up in my work I could not join my spouse.

Your spouse’s study/work/finance related questions:
Q. What’s your spouse majoring in? What’s his/her research area? What’s the topic of his/her research?

A:Very Important, answer to the point.
Q. When is your spouse planning to finish his studies? At which stage is he/she now?

A:next year.. he is in 2nd year
Q. What would your spouse do after finishing his studies?

A:He would come back after studies
Q. Where did your spouse work before?

A:Name the company and location.
Q. Why did your spouse leave his/her job?

A:To do further studies in his field of interest
Q. (if you say, your spouse wants to come back to India) Why doesn’t your spouse want to work in USA? Would he/she not work there? He/she can continue his research / work there; why does she/he want to come back to India?

A:Our family and relatives are here
Q. What did your spouse study in India?

A:Answer to the point.

  1. Who would bear your expenses there? Is your spouse going to bear your expenses there?

A:Yes my Spouse will bear the expense
Q. Do you have financial documents? Have you brought your spouse’s bank statements or any other supporting documents?

A:Yes,provide bank statement

Academic  related questions:
Q. What is your qualification?

A:Answer your degree

  1. Do you plan on studying in USA? if you answers “NO” then the visa office may ask: Why not?

A:No, As I am currently not interested in pursuing higher education.
Q. Do you want to work there?

A:No(F2 is not allowed to work)
Q. Where are you working currently?

A:Name the company

  1. How would you spend your time there?

A:I would love to give time for my Family and would like to carry on my hobbies .

Family  related questions:
Q. What do your parents-in-law do in India?

A:Answer to point.
Q: If your father-in-law is in business, the visa office may ask that who would take care of the business as your husband is in USA?

A: Answer to Point. Do not provide lengthy explanation. Be confident
Q. Does your spouse have any siblings in USA? what do they do? Where do they live/ work in USA?

A:No. If yes be truthful.
Q: Do they have Green Card? What kind of Visa do they have? if married, what do their spouses do?

A:Be precise and honest.
Q: Do they want to come to India?

Q. Do you have any of your relative in US?

  1. Do you have any brothers/sisters? What do they do? Are they planning to go to US?

Yes , No
Q. What do your parents do?

A:Answer to Point.

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