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VERY IMPORTANT!!!! H1B visa questions to prepare before attending visa interview 2015 2016

VERY IMPORTANT!!!! H1B visa questions to prepare before attending visa interview 2015 2016

With the number of H1B petitions been applied these years and the Presidential EO action suggesting for EAD for H4 and EAD for I140 approvals in future for people on H1b. It is very important that all H1b candidates have all documents in place and be prepared for H1B visa  questions.

Below is the list of h1B visa questions which could be asked by visa interviewer as per our research . Never lie to visa officier ,and provide specific and accurate details of the same .

Note:This is not a legal advice . this information is researched and collected by our team for helping H1b candidates attending visa interview in 2015-2016. We are not responsible for visa rejections/ approvals or issues arising from the same.
If you need legal assistance contact a lawyer.

General questions about yourself:

1) Why are you going to United States?
Ans: To work from your xyz company to perform the required job assigned by your company.
answer to the point in few sentences. No lengthy explanation is needed.

2) Are any of your relatives in United States?
Ans: Be Honest. Answer Yes if you have any blood relative. Do not answer yes if you have your best friend or very distant relative whom you have no clue about. He honest to visa officer.
3) Why do you want to work in the US?
Ans: Say that your company has assigned the project to you and you love to work in a multicultural environment and have a global experience which is very good for your career prospects.

4) Do you have visa for any other country?
Ans: Tell the truth, and also the reason for the visa, either tourist or work related.

5) Are you aware of the living cost in the U.S?
Ans:Yes, ensure you read online the living cost in US .
6) When are you planning to travel to US?
Ans:give the exact month and date if possible. Do not give a confused look.
7) Will you return back to India
Ans:Yes. Every H1B visa has a duration specified . Tell the exact date which your project ends and you would return to India after the project ends.
8) Is this you First H1b petition?
Ans:Tell the correct answer
9) Give me your passport and H1bpetition?
Ans:Handover the originals
10) Where are you going to US and where will you stay?
Ans:Give the exact location as stated in your petition . Also tell the address where you will be staying.
Do not get confused . this is a very Important question.
11) Are you married, if yes when , Will your spouse be coming along?
Ans:Give the correct answer along with the date of your marriage, and answer specific to the question asked.
12) Do you have children?
Ans:Give the correct answer with the number of children

13) Do you have any arrested history?
Ans: Never Lie to visa officer , give a honest answer.

14) Which state and location are you travelling to in the U.S.?
Ans: State the exact location and state .

Questions about education background and work experience:

1) Which university did you get your degree from?
Ans: Name your University and your degree attained.

2)What was your thesis ?
Ans:Give a brief description of the thesis you did.
3)What technology will you be working on?
Ans: State the exact technology you are assigned to work for your company. Give a brief description about what specific task you will perform using that technology. This is a very important question and asked by many visa officers.

4)Show me your education certificates and experience letters:
Ans:Provide original copy of the documents. Ensure you have them in order.
5)give me details on your previous jobs experience :
Ans:Be specific , state the company name and the designation and work duities you did in a few sentence. Do not confuse the visa officer.
6)Have you done masters in the United States? Which University?
Ans:Yes, and tell the university name.
7)How long you have been living in the US?
Ans:tell the exact years and months
8)What is your highest degree?/ What’s your highest qualification
Ans:Answer specific to the question .

9)When did you complete your MS? Can I See the certificate?
Ans:Tell the exact month and year and also give the original certificate.

10)What specialization courses you did in MS?
Ans:Answer accurately. Do not get confused and ask multiple times to repeat the question to visa officer
11)Why did you change your core subject in your Master program?
Ans:Give a valid honest answer for the reason of the change.

12)Where are you working currently?
Ans:State your company name, If your H1b Petition employer is different to the one you are working in INDIA. Tell the Indian company name do not lie.

13)What is your current salary?
Tell the current salary in Indian rupess if you are still in India, If you are working in US tell the exact salary as per your Payslip and also LCA. Do not ever lie to visa officer.They have all the documents and can easily track it.
15) What is your job designation role in the current company?
Ans:Tell the exact job designation you hold as per your offer letter.

Question about your H1b petitioner Employer

1) which is the company you are going to work for in USA?Why are you joining them
Ans: name the company which file your H1b as per the Docs provided. Give the exact job details and the reason why you are interested in this job.
2) Can you tell more details of this Company?
Ans: tell the company profile, number of employees and they core business technology
3) How did they interview you? When did they offer you?
Ans:Provide the exact details if it was by skype,phone interview or offshore team interview, also have the original copy of offer letter

4) What technology will you be working on?Is this an internal project?
Ans:Be specific on the technology and you role in the project . Answer yes if its internal project, ensure you know your exact project role ,duration and your managers name.

5) Which Client you will be working for?
Ans:Provide the exact details of Client. If any document is asked then only provide the same

6) What will be your responsibilities for the Client? Did the client interview you?
Ans:Give a Honest answer
7) Provide us your H1b Employer Tax return papers, Website details ,Annual turn over and Company photos.
Ans:Ensure you have all details ready if your company is very small.
8) Who conducted your interviews,how many interviews was taken, and how long was the interview. And provide us the interviewer name?
Ans: Provide all details and be specific
9) Will you work at company office or Client place?
Ans: Give the exact details, Do not get confused or show confusion.
10) What kind of projects does this company work on?
Ans:Be specific and should match what the company profile and line of Business .
11) Can I see your client end letter and itinerary of services.
Ans:Provide the original copy you have
12) What is the salary you will be getting in USA?
Ans:Anser the exact salary as per your LCA else your payslip. Your Salary should never be less than the amount mentioned in your LCA

13) Who is the CEO of the company?
14) Provide me your pay slips,bank statements, W2 , And also the offer letter with your duties mentioned.

Questions if you work at Clients place:

1) Whats your Client name? whats the address of your Client?
Ans:Be specific and know your Client company details .
2) How do you get your work assignments?
Be specific and tell who assigns the work to you. Ex: client manager,your reporting manager
3) Whom do you report at Client place? How does your employer keep in contact of your work details?
Ans:Tell your Clients reporting Manager details, Weekly status call, bi-weekly status report, when necessary to report to your H1b employer
4) When your Client project ends do you have any bench period?
Ans: Give a honest answer ,check with your employer for details
5) How many employees of the same employer work at the client location?
Ans:Give an accurate estimate.
6) Does your employer pay on Time?
Ans:Yes, ensure you have your pay stubs and W2.
7) Does your employer maintain employer-employee relationship? Is your employer and the client having a direct relationship?
Ans:If your employer is the preferred vendor mention the same, and also inform if any formal client relationship meetings are scheduled regularly with the Client.get as much info from your employer regarding Client details and relationship with them

8) How your employer and Vendor are related?
Ans:If they work in same Business line and technology mention the same, and also if your employer is the preferred vendor and has done multiple projects and implementations mention the same.
9)Are you happy with your Employer? Do you have any complains or concerns about them?
Ans:Yes I am happy with my Employer.
10)How long have you been working with this client?
Ans:Be specific and provide the exact years and months.

11)Who is the end client?give me the client letter?How many hours you work at the client place?
Ans:give correct valid answers, be prepared for this question

12)Do you travel to Client place?How often do you travel, and how many employees travel along with you?
Ans:Be specific and get all this info from your employer

13)How long is this project with the client?
Ans: very imp question, be specific and if you have client letter hand over the same.

14) Do you have any other vendor in between your client and employer?
Ans:If yes , ensure you have all details of the same. Do not lie ensure you have all documents about the same.
15) How did your Employer find your client?
Ans:Tell about your company business profile and how your client is same business


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