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indian men belly

Indian men pot belly ,big belly reduction

Indian men pot belly ,big belly reduction

indian men belly

Indian male are genetically prone to accumulate the deadly visceral fat around  the organs hence have a pot belly look . Bad health in Indian men can be measured in the inches on your stomach. Gaining even two or three inches  on your belly dramatically increases the risk of various diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and also risks of cancers.


Fat bellies in Indian men is one of the major cause for back pains and over the course of multiple years your spinal alignment gets hammered causing severe back pains and hirneations. There are two kinds of  fat , the subcutaneous fat, the one that sits on top of your tummy that lies under the skin which is not so deadly . The other is the deadly  visceral fat, accumulated  deep in your stomach around the intestines, liver ,kidneys and other organs . Indian men genes are prone to Visceral fat causing to have large bellies over time.


The visceral fat  is  programmed by brain to store energy in a state of famine. Which was a case years ago in India where there were famines and food was very limited and hence the Indian male gene has mutated to store the visceral fat .But as food is abundant and easily available for cheap these days the visceral fat accumulation has increased in Indian men and hence you see many Indian men having a pot belly everywhere.

Other causes of Pot belly in Indian men apart from genes  is  food habits , stress and hormones. our bodies weren’t ever equipped to handle the calorie-heavy, over-processed foods that are common in India today, we never had McDonalds, fast food giants before.

A pot-bellied person will be eating to much of  simple carbohydrates, such as those found in processed sugary foods, which when not burnt, turn into fat. Stress from work and travel , an unhappy marriage  or a difficult academic life causes our bodies to produce high levels of cortisol hormone, which drives up our appetite and makes us overeat, the fat again stores in the organs. Also Indian men have higher concentration of  lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme necessary for fat storage in the abdomen which is also another cause of big bellies in Indian men.

Another Bad news about this fat found in Indian Men is , It’s next to impossible to target the fat specific in your stomach and reduce it . Crunches, for instance, tone the back and ab muscles and will  do little to burn the belly fat. There is no Spot reduction for Fat.

However the good news is  that since visceral fat is metabolically active, it’s the first type of fat to  burn off if you exercise regularly. Hence if you exercise regularly your pot belly will disappears very quickly, avoiding drinking, eating processed food and a 30 min active exercise will help you shed a lot of fat in Indian men.



Foods that fight visceral fat are beans and spinach, as they make you feel full. Adding a pinch  of turmeric to your food fights fat and so does sprinkling some cinnamon, black pepper and mustard

Indian men who want to get rid of pot belly should stop  drinking, especially whiskey and beer which are notorious for storing fat. Also  Eating late should be avoided.

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