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H1B Visa Mock Interview

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Welcome to your H1B Visa Mock Interview



Does your employer maintain employer-employee relationship? Is your employer and the client having a direct relationship?

When are you planning to travel to US?

How did they interview you? When did they offer you?

Do you have visa for any other country?
Are any of your relatives in United States?
Have you done masters in the United States? Which University?
Can I see your client end letter and itinerary of services.

Why do you want to work in the US?

Can you tell more details of this Company?

What technology will you be working on?Is this an internal project?

Disclaimer:Taking this quiz will not earn you a successful visa approval. These questions are for mock practice only. does not warrant any information provided here and is not responsible or liable  for your visa approvals/denials. Please ensure you read and accept the terms and conditions and use this quiz only for practice and at your own risk.


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